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  1. http://perkupprojects.wikispaces.com/ Perk up your projects with Web 2.0 - you'll love the resources on this Wiki!
  2. http://www.flashclassroom.com/cms/flashclassroom/index.php?vsite=1&Area=262&SubSectionOf=0 Flash Classroom - want to learn how to make flash files? need resources or some games? This website might be just right for what you're looking for!
  3. http://eduscapes.com/flash/explore.htm - Animation, Interaction, Multimedia AI6. M Your Projects with Flash
  4. http://merganser.math.gvsu.edu/sketchpad/ Geometry teachers who use GSP will find this Spherical Geometry applet helpful.
  5. xtranormal.com - Create animated movies online
  6. ** http://www.glitterfy.com/ - add some pizzazz to your text and graphics.
  7. http://www.caption.it/ - put your picture in a another picture, make a photo montage, or grab some word art!

Interactive Sites for Games and Educational Content
  1. http://www.subtangent.com/maths/games.php Flash & Java Games like Hangman, The Weakest Link, Countdown, Jigsaw, and more.