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What is the copyright information that I need to know about using audio?
(Music, sounds, audio clips, broadcasts)
  • Audio files can be downloaded for student work and teacher lessons and must be cited.
  • You can use 10% or 30 seconds (whichever is LESS) of an audio file, if they are lawfully acquired.

  1. Penni has written a blog which is a great resource for music. Enjoy!
  2. - free for personal use and for student use
  3. - Free Music Archive - read a review at Free Technology for Teachers
  4. Soundzabound™ - the ONLY royalty free music library which meets all the licensing and technology requirements needed for education!
  5.** - This site provided me with some music sounds without words to use to open new units and provide excitement.
  6. finds audio files in mp3 format. There are popular songs, instrumentals, as well as sound effects. You can search by Title, Album, Artist, or you select Genres, then [[Music#|choose]] from the vast variety of music types, including Instrumentals and Sound Clip.
    NOTE: There may be some inappropriate sounds, so I would not share this site with students
  7. - need some human sound effects like screams, moans or others? Find them here. There are weather sounds, transportation sounds and lots more… a real treasure of sounds! (look carefully… some are not free or [[Music#|royalty free]] and pay attention to the file type to see if you will need to convert it the the correct file type (see page 5 of this book)
  8. -movie sounds, [[Music#|tv shows]], cartoons, and others. ([[Music#|Smart Board]] users should convert these to .mp3 files in Audacity or on sites like
    A nice site that has lots of sound effects from TV, Movies, and various other sources...and its free! ([[Music#|Smart Board]] users: If the files are not .mp3 files, you will need to convert them to.mp3 files to insert them into Smart [[Music#|Notebook]])
  10. sounds on this site have been put in a database and categorized. (Smart Board users should convert these to .mp3 files in Audacity or on sites like
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