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What is the copyright information that I need to konw about using video?
(Movies, broadcasts,)
  • Videos can be downloaded for student work and teacher lessons and must be cited.
  • Without permission, videos that have been downloaded cannot be reposted to the Internet.
  • You can use 10% or 3 minutes (whichever is LESS) of video files, if they are lawfully acquired.
  • Videos must be used for an educational purpose. Showing a movie to multiple classes as a reward (and not part of a lesson) is against the copyright!
  • You can use television broadcasts (on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, etc.) but know that they can be retained for 10 school days unless you have written permission. Broadcasts on cable may be a little different. For more information on Cable in the Classroom, go to

Make your own videos with these or at these sites:

  1. Space and flight images from NASA
  2. Digital resource kits for educators - free, educational, copyright-friendly media resources such as still images, background music, narratives, video and text
  3. BBC resources for teachers and students
  4. An extensive collection of historic photographs, maps, motion pictures, manuscripts, etc. These materials, from the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions, chronicle historical events, people, places, and ideas that continue to shape America, with collections of civil war photos, Daguerreotype portraits and photos from 1839-1864, presidential portraits, and much more!
  5. is a terrific resource for educational video clips.
  6. Connects mathematics, science, technology and engineering to the real world of careers and achievement, providing a context and purpose for what students are learning, allowing them to envision their own successful futures. Good for Science and Math.
  7. Great resource of historical videos; many to choose from.
  8. Subscription only, but appropriate site for countless videos, pictures, and documents from all subjects
  9. many videos/resources to browse through.
  10. has a variety of educational videos and are short clips
  11. IMPORTANT--Before downloading from Teacher Tube, be sure you have your own user name, or it will not download properly! You'll probably just get the advertisement!
  12. - The NASA Web Portal has a great collection of photos and videos. It is NASA's primary means of communicating online to the agency's public audiences. It focuses on providing information for general audiences, including students, educators, children, the news media and the general public. As such, the portal's priority for publication is material for those audiences.
  13. Stuff Works - Animation
  14. Animated Atlas - Traces the growth of the United States
  15. Chemistry Based Movies
  16. Timely Teachable Videos from C-Span
  17. Early American Videos
  18. Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust with videos
  19. Barnes and Nobel’s Meet the Writers
  20. Animal Planet videos
  21. Cell Structures
  22. Audio and video collections in schools and libraries